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Facial Cleansers and make up removers

It would seem like one of the most simple straightforward routines but actually washing your face takes time and attention and doing it the right way could make the difference.

Besides, removing makeup, dirt and grime from the day will help prepare the skin for your skincare regimen as well as support the skin in its overnight regeneration and renewal processes.

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Make up removal should be part of our daily ritual as it washes away cosmetics, impurities and dirt from the surface of your skin. Not doing it could lead to irritations, clogging and premature ageing.

Besides, the skin renews itself while you sleep and when you leave your makeup on, you are preventing that from happening.

Wipes are a quick way to clean off all your makeup residue. They sweep away all pore - clogging impurities and leave your skin thoroughly cleansed without the need to wash your face afterwards.




There are many cleansing options available and with each one touting different benefits.

Oil cleansers are suitable for all types of skin. They are ideal on waterproof makeup and do not dry your skin.

Oily and combination skin will be purified with foam and gel and clay cleansers that remove excess oil and have antiseptic and exfoliating properties.

Opt for micellar or cream cleansers if your skin is dry and sensitive.

The eyes skin is one of the most delicate areas of the body. Be sure to remove all makeup remnants as they could lead to irritations, laxity, wrinkles and loss of lashes. There is a wide choice of products on Easyparapharmacie.uk, including micellar water, eyelid scrub, oil free remover and even simply vaseline!


Finally, before moisturising your skin, opt or not for a toner (choose it according your skin type, with or without alcohol).

According to your taste, you will use different types of devices and accessories such as wipes, washable pads, cotton balls, cloths, mitts, sponges, konjacs.

They thoroughly remove impurities while also sloughing off dead skin cells.


Ensuring a healthy-looking complexion, erasing the signs of fatigue and correcting imperfections, face make up is an essential ingredient for enhancing the facial features. On Easyparapharmacie.uk, there is a wide variety of makeup products on offer and a large and varied range of products to remove makeup, including lips and eyes’.

Neck and neckline should not be left over as they show signs of ageing even more quickly than our faces do. Use very gentle cleanser, stimulate collagen, apply SFP.

Exfoliate regularly your hand skin and moisturise both hands and nails without restraint!




At the end of a long day, nothing feels quite as good as cleansing your face. Removing every trace of dirt, sweat and makeup allows the skin to breathe, repair and renew itself. Having a spotless surface also helps your other skin care products to penetrate your skin more deeply and perform their tasks more efficiently. As the first step in your skin care ritual, it’s important to nail this part before even thinking about your serums and anti-ageing creams.

Knowing your skin type and the difference between each product allows you to filter your options and makes the hunt for the perfect cleanser. If you have a normal skin type, feel free to try any type of cleanser as long as your skin tolerates it.

Foam cleansers and gel cleansers cleanse deeply and are effective at decongesting clogged pores and killing acne-causing bacteria.

Clay cleansers purify by drawing out excess oil and toxins from pores.

Cream cleansers also come into the form of milk or lotion and contain creamy and moisturising ingredients.


The syndet or hypoallergenic cleansing soap contains surfactant agents. It has an acid PH close to that of the skin. Thus, it respects its balance even in the presence of hard water.

Therefore, it is advisable for sensitive skins.

Complete your routine misting some thermal spring water. Leave for 20 to 30 seconds. Pat dry with a cotton pad.

And let remember those endless beauty secrets your grandma was such a proponent of. Well most of them are true and have inspired innovative cosmetics.

Cornflower, orange blossom water, milk’s lactic acid, shea butter, honey, citrus and so many other ingredients!

Once you are done feeding your skin with the goodness of those, go to the mirror and ask: “mirror over there, who’s the fairest of the fair?”

I’m sure you’ve heard the story!

“Thou, O Queen , art the fairest in the land”.

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