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Stomach disturbances like gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and heartburn can be all signs of an unhealthy gut. A balanced gut will have less difficulty processing food and eliminating waste.

Besides, an unhealthy gut may increase systemic inflammation and alter the proper functioning of the immune system.

Your lifestyle and your choice of foods can affect the way your body digests what you eat. Drinking water, adding fiber and exercising all contribute to better digestive health.

By taking steps to improve your digestive health, you’ll help your digestive system to function more efficiently improving your overall health and sense of well-being. On Easyparapharmacie.uk, discover a wide selection of dietary supplements, herbal teas and probiotics to help you keep your body healthy. All year through, benefit of promotions and affordable prices and place and pay an order on our secure payment platform.




Supplements are used for general digestive health.

First, it’s important to talk with your doctor before starting any new supplements.

Some types of probiotics may provide relief from diarrhea and relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Licorice has been used to treat symptoms of indigestion like heartburn and acid reflux. Peppermint oil lessen pain and bloating. Chamomile treats colic and nausea but also anxiety and insomnia.

Psyllium has a high fiber content and treat constipation. Artichoke reduces cramps and abdominal pain. L glutamine may help better absorb nutrients.

The acid base balance will require a special attention as a disturbance in its equilibrium may indicate underlying diseases or organ damage.


Fatty foods tend to slow down the digestive process making you more prone to constipation. Pair them with high fiber foods to make them easier on your digestive system. Incorporate probiotics into your diet. They are the same kind of healthy bacteria naturally present in your digestive tracts. They can enhance nutrients absorption, may help break down lactose and strengthen your immune system.

There are natural dietary supplements such as rhubarb, tamarind, turmeric or activated charcoal that facilitate digestion and promote elimination.




Often referred to as the ‘second brain’, the microbiome affects more than just digestion. It’s connected to everything from mood and energy to immunity and weight management. Therefore having a healthy gut is important.

Detox supplements can help the body and organs neutralise and expel harmful toxins.

The use of essential oils may help restore the microbiome, improve digestion and nutrient absorption. If your body is struggling with digestive issues, try ginger, tarragon, oregano, peppermint, thyme or clove essential oils. They help maintain optimal digestive function and reflex regulation of the GI tract. Boost nutrient absorption by stimulating serotonin receptors in the gut. From time to time, taking lactic ferments or probiotic supplements is an essential addition for vitality.


Dietary supplements are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose the effects of diseases. However, there are useful in reducing symptoms.

Phytotherapy offer health promoting agents.

If you have symptoms such as cramping, bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, rashes, nausea, fatigue, acid reflux, you may be suffering from food intolerance.

Try eliminating common trigger foods. Additionally, eating plenty of plant based foods and lean protein can positively impact your gut.

Finally, there are a number of lifestyle changes you can make to positively affect your gut health and your overall health: EAT, SLEEP AND FIGHT STRESS!

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