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Epidemic protection

Virsues, epidemics or even pandemics can crop up when we're least expecting it. Even if we know when the risky periods are for stomach bugs or the flu, we should make sure we keep a well-stocked medicine cabinet for every eventuality to keep us safe from any circulating viruses. Our online shop brings you a wide range of products adapted for the whole family. From face masks and hand sanitiser to thermometers, we offer you items from the biggest pharmacy brands which ensures they are high quality and effective. To get the soap or protective gloves you need, have a look through the product descriptions and compare reviews and prices and take advantage of any ongoing deals before finalising your order on our secure payment platform. In our selection of products, you will find all the essentials for good hand hygiene, full protection and a clean and disinfected home.

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When an epidemic strikes – like Covid-19, as a topical example – it’s important to follow all recommended protective measures such as social distancing. But it’s just as important to make sure you have products that are perfect for the situation! Disinfecting soap to wash your hands, a portable little bottle of hand sanitiser to use after filling up your car or popping to the shop, reusable or disposable face masks to stay safe all day – all of these are essential to avoid catching anything nasty. When the flu rears its ugly head, a stomach bug is doing the rounds or the coronavirus comes back without warning, you need to make sure you can stop the germs in their tracks. Our safety equipment is there to protect your airways and to fight against possible risks of transmission.


Essential protective equipment


Since the coronavirus hit the world, protective equipment has become a rare and treasured object that all families want. The holy trinity we all seek out during an epidemic is a stock of face masks, protective gloves and anti-bacterial solutions, either as gel or wipes. Each of these is an essential piece of protective equipment which we need to avoid spreading droplets of spit or bacteria on our hands. To make sure that the whole family can use what they need, we sell products that are simple to use and adapt to all situations. Following the guidelines on protective measures is important to stop the virus, but it’s that much easier if you’re properly equipped. For example, we all know we have to wear a mask, but if the mask we have doesn’t filter properly, it mightn’t be effective enough for our needs.

You can buy reusable or disposable face masks, hand protection in different sizes and different containers of hand sanitiser suitable for a range of purposes. For instance, we would recommend you put a big bottle of hand sanitiser in your house and car, and that you also buy a little one to take with you everywhere in your bag, for when you’re out having a drink or using public transport. As for face masks, they are available in a variety of types depending on what you want. Cloth masks are reusable and can be washed, whereas medical masks or surgical masks are single use and must be disposed of. It is important to note that a mask cannot be worn for longer than 4 hours, whether you’re at work or outside running errands. The mask you choose depends on your needs. Remember, though, that all of these protective items need to be accompanied by all other protective measures, such as social distancing (staying 6 feet away from people), regularly washing your hands, coughing into your elbow (and not your hands), avoiding touching your face and staying home as much as possible.


What you should buy to reduce the risk of infection


Face masks, hand sanitiser and gloves may be your best friends when you’re going out, but it’s just as essential for you to look after the inside of your home to stop the virus at the front door. Cleansing and disinfecting your house is essential to eliminate any viruses that end up on tables, furniture or even the floor. Just like hand disinfectants, home disinfectants will help eliminate not only viruses but also fungus and bad smells. To effectively clean your home, you need to look after both your furniture and your linens and fabrics. Bacteria and viruses can survive for several hours on fabrics, which is why you should get undressed, wash your hands and hop in the shower when you get home.

These small daily steps will help keep your home free from contamination. In our online shop, you can find a range of items to disinfect surfaces, including single-use wipes and multi-use sprays. Don’t stop at cleaning and disinfecting, though – you might also want to purify the air. The general advice is to air out all your rooms for at least 10 minutes a day, but we would also recommend that you add air fresheners and purifiers to this routine. By renewing and refreshing the air, you can create a defensive shield at your windows that stops germs such as microscopic fungus and bacteria. Even better, for those of us in cities, these products can help keep pollution out of our homes.

To round all this off, we would recommend, for your and your family’s well-being, that you keep track of everybody’s vital signs whenever a big pandemic such as the flu or Covid-19 is on the horizon. Many of us start getting nervous if we feel warm, have itchy eyes or feel like our heart is racing. When this happens, having an effective and appropriate measuring device is a real asset. Thermometers to take temperatures and machines to measure blood pressure or oxygen levels can let you check your vital signs at any time. This will allow you, depending on the situation, to either catch a symptom early and see a doctor to get treatment, or simply be reassured that, regardless of how you feel, you’re actually fine. Thermometers and blood pressure measuring instruments are the two devices that we particularly recommend you always keep in your home medicine cabinet – they’re more useful in our everyday lives than you might think!

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