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Accentuate your eyes, improve your complexion, beautify your lips and color your nails with our wide range of drugstore makeup products. Find a selection of your favorite brands in our online store


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Whether ricil, lipstick, foundation -  a choice for your daily routine is impressive.  Prior to using our secure payment platform, choose the right make-up by comparing the information and prices listed in our specially dedicated product page. Benefit from our advice, make the best of our special deals and current offers.


Tips for a divine complexion 


A dull complexion, shiny skin or visible pimples are often annoying defects we would all like to conceal. This is where dedicated facial cosmetics come useful. For a perfect face all year round, opt for a foundation, blush or long-lasting matte loose powder. Applying makeup can be tricky. For a natural look, whether or not you are using a concealer, adopt the right makeup gestures. These days we have a wide selection of face perfecting techniques such as brush contouring, the nude or the glowy effect. To avoid make-up marks and allergic reactions, choose quality cosmetic products, whether organic or not. Lots of makeup brands are out there, catering for all budgets. You can thus easily find quality makeup for a reasonable price. To choose the right face makeup or BB cream range, respect your complexion type.  And say hello to your perfect face!


A makeup touch that makes a difference 


The right beauty products concealing imperfections or smoothing wrinkles instantly compliment our skin. No more aggressive makeup palettes or overly comedogenic correctors. Once your complexion is taken care of, apply you usual moisturizer or day cream. Now, what about adding a special touch for an instant healthy glow? Eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss will give you a sensual and glamorous look !

Give a try to illuminating eyeshadows for a healthy glow. Choose a shade to match your eyes and skin. Add an eyeliner and a mascara for a XXL-lash effect. Brush and pencil your eyebrows. With no pencil handy, help yourself to a brush and colour palette. It is now lipstick time. Intense and hypnotizing, red, rosé or even burgundy for an instant refined look. Use a make-up brush to alternately apply it to your lips.

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